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A New HD Cine Zoom Lens for Digital Motion Pictures

Authors: Fumiaki Usui, Jun Hosoya, Ken Ito, and Laurence J. Thorpe

Contemporary DTV Acquisition - Some Perspectives on the Related Standards, the Technologies, and the Creative
Author: Laurence J. Thorpe

Technical Aspects of the New World of Multiformat DTV Embodying Progressive, Interlaces, Segmented Frame Video Format
Author Laurence J. Thorpe

The HDTV Camcorder and the March to Marketplace Reality
Authors: Laurence J. Thorpe, Fumio Nagumo, and Kazuo Ike

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Image Quality - A Comparison of Photographic and Television Systems
Author: Otto H. Schade, Sr.

Image Resolution of the One-CCD Palomar Motion Picture Camera
Author: Charles Smith, Felicia Shu, Lucian Ion

Relationship Between Pixel Count, Aliasing, and Limiting Resolution in Digital Motion Picture Systems
Authors: Roger R. A. Morton, Christopher L. Dumont, and Michelle A. Maurer

The Sharpness Indicator
Author: Ivan Putora

The Effects of Single-Sensor CFA Captures on Images Intended for Motion Picture and TV Applications
Authors: Richard B. Wheeler and Nestor M. Rodriguez